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We are the largest and one of the most respectable names in providing private In-Home and In-Clinic Physiotherapy services. We are valued for providing best home based physiotherapy in Ahmedabad.Our staff members of supportive and compassionate physiotherapist provides highest standards of physiotherapy practices specially for whom it is difficult to go to the Physiotherapy clinic without compromising on the quality of physiotherapy treatment and exercises.

Treating people of all age group from child to elderly and provide them best of the rehabilitation services. We are providing conditional specific neurological and cardiac rehabilitation clinic services for people with conditions like Stroke, Parkinsonism, Cerebral palsy, Gullian Barre Syndrome, Infantile Hemilplegia, Spinal Cord Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Bells Palsy, Myocardial Infarction and Bypass surgeries.

Meet Our Physiotherapist in Juhapura Ahmedabad

Dr. Naeem A. Kureshi


(B.P.T.) (M.I.A.P.)
Bachelor Of Physiotherapy



people affected by injury, illness or disability through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice. They maintain health for people of all ages.

Physical Therapist

Patients reduce pain and improve or restore mobility - in many cases without expensive surgery and often reducing the need for long-term use of medicines.

Medical Gym

Providing gymnasium facilities with stretching body. Making muscles stronger and veins to work smoothly. Blood Circulation also been improved.

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