About us

About AL-Rahat Physiotherapy Clinic

It is our privilege to be here for you as India's first-ever Multispecialty Physiotherapy Center, where a team of Super Specialized Physiotherapists from renowned institutes across India are pinned up together to serve you at the best possible way by Super Specialty Physiotherapy

Our Mission is to represent & promote the Profession of Physiotherapy in its most active & leading role in Prevention & Rehabilitation of different sectors of health ailments leading to best quality of life for the community thus creating a "Happy Life".

AL-Rahat Physiotherapy Clinic statement recognizes that to thrive tomorrow, we must be successful today in generating beneficial reports for our patients / clients by delivering value that exceeds their expectations with our results.

We seek to prevent and manage musculoskeletal pain and to enhance performance using evidence-based research, the highest-level technology, and cutting-edge orthopedic treatment techniques.

Comprehensive assessments of stability, flexibility, and biomechanical function serve as the foundation of each client’s daily or sport-specific program. We develop lifelong relationships with our clients with the goal being optimum musculoskeletal health.

Customer satisfaction is the best indicator. We support our patients and providing best physiotherapy that a patient needs.

With every situation or pain we are making every one heal within few time. We are providing exercise and also motivating so that patients can start their daily life as normal one.

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Our Skills

Physiotherapy in Neurology
Physiotherapy in Orthopedics
Medical Gym
Pediatric Physiotherapy

Our Services

  • Musculoskeletal conditions
  • Chronic pain
  • Rheumatology conditons
  • Vestibular disorders

Our Values

  • Quality care with compassion
  • Offer high-quality post operative and primary care
  • Making Health care more accessible for patients
  • More affordable and accountable to our patients

Meet Our Team

Dr. Naeem A. Kureshi


(B.P.T.) (M.I.A.P.)
Bachelor Of Physiotherapy

Dr Tanzima Kureshi


Consulting Physiotherapist


Mr. Azim Kureshi

Operating Officer

(B.A. L.L.B.)
Ex-Development Officer of LIC

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